About Solutions 4 Health

A pioneering Artificial Intelligence, Digital Health and Clinical Healthcare services company, delivering and transforming integrated health services across the UK.

Healthcare at the heart of communities

imgTri Solutions 4 Health is an innovative company with a passion and a track record for tackling health inequalities. We provide a one stop solution for commissioners accountable for outcome focused integrated public health services through the successful integration of healthcare and technology. Our Wellness Hub’s capability allows for the capture of referrals from all sources; undertakes assessment and uses motivational interviewing techniques; and is able to produce bespoke performance analysis.

Solutions 4 Health is a field leader in transforming service provision to best meet the needs of the populations that we serve. We have successfully integrated a wide variety of public health programmes in consultation with staff and commissioners, to produce a better and more innovative approach to keeping people healthy.

We currently provide over 30 services to over 100,000 members of the public annually. We employ over 360 healthcare staff and have a number of doctors and nurses who work with us. We are proud that more than 60% of our workforce have TUPE’d from the NHS, keeping their Terms and Conditions.

Nationally, we deliver healthcare services to 21 Councils which include Integrated lifestyle services, adult and child weight management, children’s lifestyles services in schools, falls prevention, NHS health checks, smoking-cessation, clinical services for Tier 3 weight management, new information systems and technology solutions. We also deliver Chronic Disease Self-Management courses and our healthcare team have been trained by the Stanford School of Medicine.

You will find a range of information about our services on our website. However, a Solutions 4 Health representative would be happy to speak to you about any of the healthcare services we offer or demonstrate our bespoke databases or technological solutions.

Please contact us to arrange an appointment or visit our website at http://www.solutions4health.co.uk for more information.