Falls Prevention Tools

Falls Risk Self-Assessment

  1. Have you had any falls in the last six months?
  2. Do you have any difficulty walking or standing?
  3. Do you use a cane, walker, or crutches, or have to hold onto things when you walk?
  4. Do you have to use your arms to be able to stand up from a chair?
  5. Do you ever feel unsteady on your feet, light-headed, weak, or dizzy?
  6. Do you have foot ulcers, bunions, hammertoes or callouses that hurt or cause you to adjust your steps?
  7. Has it been more than two years since you had an eye exam?
  8. Has your eyesight diminished or do you have trouble seeing depth or seeing at night?
  9. Has your hearing gotten worse with age?
  10. Do you use a hearing aid?
  11. Do you experience problems getting to the toilet
  12. Do you exercise less than two days a week? (30 minutes of moderate exercise each day. With an intensity that will get your heart rate up and increase your breathing)
  13. Do you take four or more prescription or over-the-counter medications daily?
  14. Have you had any recent changes in medications?
  15. Do you have three or more chronic health conditions? (Such as arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, lung problems, etc.)

If two or more of these apply to you, you are at an increased risk of falling and can benefit from our Falls Prevention Services.