Falls are a major threat to the health and independence of older adults. The good news is falls can be prevented!

FallsFree4Life - Here to help

FallsFree4Life is aimed at preventing falls in those aged 50 and over or have mobility issues and live or are registered with a GP surgery in Sandwell. This is achieved by reaching out into the community to identify those that may be at a medium risk of falling often without knowing it.

If you or someone you know would like to receive a free falls risk assessment please use the adjacent booking form or contact us via; email at fallsfree.sandwell@nhs.net, telephone FallsFree4Life Sandwell on – 0121 769 1327 or call us FREE on - 0800 246 5290.

How does it work?

Our team of Wellness Coaches will carry out a detailed assessment of your falls risk while collaborating with you and your family to develop a package of community-based support. Our comprehensive assessment includes:

  • Falls self-confidence test
  • A basic questionnaire assessment
  • Footwear and food care assessment
  • Falls free referral tool
  • Quantitative Timed Up and Go (QTUG) test:
    This will determine your level of risk for falling, and place you within low-medium-and high risk
  • Home risk assessment

Once our Wellness Coaches and Physiotherapists have completed the comprehensive assessment we will explain to you your results and refer you to the most appropriate community support services available if necessary.

Book an appointment

Use this form to book an appointment with one of our Wellness Coaches and Physiotherapists to come to your home and conduct an in-depth comprehensive falls risk assessment.

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Solutions4health would encourage you to provide your consent in order that we can process data and information about you. We will share this data where necessary with other health professionals such as your GP or specialist services. The information we collect and process will be used to help us meet the contractual obligations as set down by the local health service commissioners in accordance with the service we are providing. You can request to view, amend or delete your data at any time by contacting us at (www.solutions4health.co.uk/contact).

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